Unable to install Vasal

I am not able to install vassal , i have trusted the file but still can’t install.

Can you supply more information? What’s your operating system, what build did you download, what version of VASSAL?

Windows 11 Pro and the latest version of Vassal was using Edge to download

What do you think the version number of the latest version is? What happens when you try to install?

3.6.8 the file downloads then states that it needs to be trusted.

It won’t let me then acutally install it .

This is a Windows 11 issue, not a VASSAL issue. You might find the actual file in your Downloads folder and inspect its properties to see what your options are. Other solutions might present themselves by doing a relevant internet search for things such as (but not limited to):

windows 11 unblock downloaded file
windows 11 trust download

Here is but one example of a guide found by this kind of search–maybe it will help.

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Hi Joel ,

thanks for the help apparently was overthinking it. I got it installed.

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