Unable to Open Vassal Module

My very first opening move to partake of VASSAL and I trip on the painted starting line. This doesn’t bode well for further gaming by this means in spite of all the great things I’ve heard about this system. Reading through this forum at the complex problems and language to explain solutions is mostly Greek and scary. Oh, and I don’t speak geek either. I can dig a latrine, set-up a firing position, and show up for morning muster on time. But I don’t understand the language of computers. So, please keep it simple.

Model: iMac
Operating system: OS X 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4670 (Hardware content does not mention “Video Card.” This ATI comes under the category of “Graphics/Displays.”)
Vassal version: 3.1.15
Java version: Preference VisualIVM both 13.3.0
Vassal Module: Pzb-pzl35b05.vmod

Downloaded Vassal 3.1.15. It appears in the ‘Finder‘ under ‘Devices.‘

Downloaded Pzb-pzl35b05.vmod. It appears in the ‘Finder’ under ‘Downloads.’

Upon opening command for Pzb-pzl a window alert appears saying:
“The document ‘Pzb-pzl35b05.vmod’ could not be opened. QuickTime Player cannot open files of this type.”

Now what?

Michael Power
Virginia Beach, VA

  1. When VASSAL appears under Devices, drag the VASSAL-3.1.15 application to Applications
  2. When you downloaded Pzb-pzl35b05.vmod, make sure it is a file, not a folder (your browser might have unzipped it for you)
  3. Open VASSAL-3.1.15 from Applications (do not double-click the .vmod, this is a java app, not a mac app, and works a little less user friendly than what you might be used to).
  4. You will get an empty window called VASSAL, from the File menu, do Open Module, browse to where you stored the .vmod file, and select it
  5. The first time you open a module it will ask you for a username and password, this is to protect your playing side in VASSAL games, it will not ask again next time(s) you open it.
  6. The next time you want to open the module, open the VASSAL-3.1.5 application from Applications, and double-click the module entry in the list

Hello bdgza,

First, thanks for the quick response. It gives me hope that there are flesh and blood humans out there and it’s not just me and the ‘System’ pumping electrons into the wall.

Second, how do you pronounce your name bdgza? Eastern European perhaps? Bulgarian area?

Finally, I understand most of what you posted. Although, not so much with your predicted outcomes. All numbers referenced here will be in regards to your numbered instructions.

  1. As VASSAL-3.1.15 is dragged from Devices to Applications, the prohibitive symbol (circle with a slash) appears once the dragged item reaches the boundary of Places where Applications resides. (Note: VASSAL-3.1.15 appears in Devices as a CD drive. It is also listed in Places/Downloads as “VASSAL-3.1.15-macosx.dmg.” I dragged this over to Applications which highlighted as willingness to accept it. I, however, did not release it and dragged it back to Downloads.)

  2. Pzb-pzl35b05.vmod residing in Download area with the symbol of a page with a turned down corner. I’m assuming this symbol represents a file.

  3. Not applicable see ‘1’ above.

  4. Opening VASSAL-3.1.15 while it is in the Device area does produces an empty VASSAL window. If “file menu” is that “file” listed at the top of the desktop then there is no listing for “Open Module.” There is an ‘Open’ command, but that results in a duplicate empty VASSAL window.

I shall not go any further until pointed in the right direction.

Michael Power

  1. Go to the VASSAL drive under Devices. Then on the right side of the Finder window, there is an application called VASSAL-3.1.15. It has a yellow V on a green background icon. You drag THAT icon to Applications. Not the mounted disk image.

1b. You click the eject button next to the VASSAL mounted disk image device, and only work with the VASSAL-3.1.15 application file under Applications in the next steps.

My name is Bart.

Bart⇄ (bdgza),

You suck at anagrams (your name above), but you excel at how to communicate to a lowly polywog such as myself.

The module is up and running. Now to the real reason I’m on this site. “Men, we’re movin’ out in five minutes. Shoot straight and stay low.”

Thanks a Great Deal,

Michael Power
Virginia Beach, VA