Unble to start new game (greyed out)

I am brand new to Vassal, but managed to load and launch both games (Tally Ho & Target for Today). Issue is the New game option is greyed out on both. I am sure it is something simple …


Only tried the Target for Today module briefly–for me, after it tiled images and opened to the map or game display, it looked ready to go. The “New game” option was greyed out in the menu, but that’s because the game is up and running already. There don’t appear to be any predefined setups so after you choose a map you’re ready to go. Once you do File → Close game, “New game” is available.

Ok, thanks Joel. One more question. In the TFT , I am able to write to the overall log file but unable to write to plane’s log sheet . Its not a big deal, I can always use the forms off outside of vassal engine. Any ideas ?
Thanks again,

Figured out that by doing a" right click" at point of input will open a small window to input your data…