Unconditional surrender

I would like to try Unconditional surrender PBM only.


Haven’t yet played this game - what do you have in mind ? One of the scenarios or the whole Campaign. I may be interested - I think the system would play OK pbem.

I play to enjoy and learn, not to win at all costs - so I’ll need to take my time to get into the game. Looks good though :slight_smile:

Contact me direct on



Still looking forward to find an opponent

Hi, still looking for an opponent?
I’m just learning but interested to play a vassal game, particularly Unconditional Surrender.



Hi, I’m a french player and I already played some solo games of Unconditional Surrender.
I’m ready to PBEM but we must decide how to make certain decisions (Will Commit/Will Not Commit) to speed play.
We can play two of three-Faction Scenarios and you can play any side.



I am in UK and would love to play this game, but not pbem

thank you