UNDO command

Ctrl-Z seems to work for some things but not others. And it’s limited (at least, in my experience), so if you press a multi-action button, you can’t undo the whole set of actions connected with that button.

Would it be possible to have either an UNDO that undid a full action, or simply a way to keep pressing Ctrl-Z and keep backing up?

This should be restricted to the current user session (from last save, or from start of current logfile), say - it’s simply a way for users to undo mistakes, particularly with multiple actions, while they’re doing their move.

Unless, of course, I’m simply missing something.



This is something I am already working on for Vassal 3.2:

RFE [2816016] Single UNDO for any User action

The aim is that any single user action (Unit Command, button press etc.) will be completely undone by a single press of the undo button.

There is an issue with ‘Move Fixed Distance’ traits that needs resolving, but I have sorted most of the issues.


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