Unit Properties


I imported the Struggle for Europe Module from ADc2 to VASSAL.
In the editor I changed some things (Hot Keys for 1d6 and 1d6 and other small things).

I found the each unit has properties 8Attack, Defense, Movement).
I can see them with CTRL-P.

Where can I change those properties in the Editor?
They are wrong for naval units.

Best regards

Hi Biswut,

I have see all that you have done about the ADC2 convertion work …

I’m interested to have your feedback at the present time to do such thing …

I’m French and i represent the Vassal French Community … by such way your experience can provide us a way to communicate about the New ADC2 Import function.

I can help you too if i can get your transformed “Vassal Module” …



Dear Gregory,

I uploaded the current version to my FTP.


user: f0028ac0
PW: vassal

Best regards

Impossible to get access even if i type your login and pass ?!? :frowning:

give mne your Mailadress and I will mail it.

Best regards

PM sent …