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Hi folks, I just started designing a module to test a wargame. I got by quite well so far with most of the designing but I’m stuck now with quite an essential element: movement factors of units. As with most wargames infact in this one each unit has a different movement allowance/factor beyond wich it can’t move any hexes/areas further. Now how can I accomplish that? I also checked some other modules but it didn’t help a lot. I guess I’ll have to create a new property called something like “Movement Allowance” and then attach to each unit a numeric value (number of hexes it can move) corresponding to that property. But how do I go about that exactly? Do I have to write any java to create some new class? Or is it much more simple than I think? Thanks in advance :smiley:

On Feb 14, 2010, at 3:59 PM, erik69 wrote:

Generally you just display the number.

Vassal is designed to give you a board-game-like experience while
playing on-line. So just like in a face-to-face tabletop wargame,
there isn’t any means to prevent exceeding your movement allowance
other than being careful. It’s the same way in Vassal – even though
there is a computer involved. So there currently isn’t any way to
encode terrain [although there is a request for enhancement for that],
or any way to compute movement costs or enforce them.

So, you don’t worry about that part of it. The players will take just
care of that on their own, like they always have.

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Thanks Tar for your prompt reply. Yes, I could leave it like that and let the players move around their units as per the rules without bothering to much with it.