Units that start off-screen not accepting Movement Trail GCK

I have a module (upcoming 9.4 version of Paths of Glory) and I have a Global Key Command triggered from the top menu that issues to every unit on the map to turn on Movement Trails for the unit (they end up receiving a Ctrl+T from an internal trigger trait)

ISSUE: if I hit the button when the game starts, and some units ARE on the map but AREN’T on the screen yet (i.e. my initial map view is zoomed such that I can see maybe 2/3 of the map, the upper left, so some units are offscreen on the bottom and right sides), then the units that have never been seen on the screen do not accept CTRL-T. They DO receive the GCK because other parts of the GCK process correctly, but the Ctrl+T that it generates does not turn their movement trails on.

HOWEVER: if I pan the screen around so that I have “seen” every unit at some point in the session (I don’t have to select them or anything, just pan the screen around so that I’ve “seen hem once”), THEN all the units accept the Ctrl+T’s that the GCK generates, even if they aren’t on the screen at the time I issue it.

So my interpretation is… perhaps there is some kind of initialization that is only happening the first time a unit is “seen”, that is required for the Movement Trail to then be turnable-onable?