Unknown combat counters

I think that I asked this question in the wrong forum :blush: so will ask again here. The game module that I am building has one player draw random combat units from a pool. The unit combat value is not known to anyone until the unit is attacked. It is then flipped over to show it combat values. Can this be done in Vassal? The unit pool that these combat units are pulled from has a limited number of counters (about 25) and they are all different.

You can easily add a Layer that hides the combat value and reveal it by deactivating the Layer.


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I understand about creating a level to hid a unit but how would I pick random units from a pool or shuffle the units before they are picked.


You will need to create a Deck on your map and set shuffle = Always. Then place the units in the pool into the Deck. They will now come out in random order as you draw them from the Deck.


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Thanks for the info. I am new to creating using the vassal system and have not read about using the deck. I sort of thought that it was only for doing cards. I will read up on how to use the cards in the manual.

Vassal has lots of options in creating games and I have just touched the first layer. It could take years of study to understand all the information.

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I have a mod (above title) where I did this for Russian units. Of course, I had help, and dont have even the foggiest memory of how it worked, but you can probably reverse-engineer it.

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