Unload Command for the actual Mat

Understand that Mats will auto load when clicked on and dragged or sent to a location.
Understand that the Mat Cargo can have commands to force load/unload.
Do not understand why the Mat does not have a command to unload its cargo.
I wanted to set a couple of action traits to trigger a mat move to a set location on another map and then return that mat, sans the cargo, back to where it came from.
My first attempt failed as the return to last position command, even though preceded by the ‘force unload command’ (via a trigger trait), just moved the loaded cargo back as well. I believe the reason is that the mat had primary focus, not the mat cargo and thus the ‘force unload’ had no effect.
Work around. Trigger a GKC to force cargo unload before the ‘return to origin’ command. Set the GKC pre-select (fast match) to ‘By Location - Current Location’. Now that works a treat. But why cannot the actual mat have this ability?

As an aside, is there a way to have a ‘zone’ on a mat so that the cargo can be centered?

It could definitely be made to do that, and it’s a reasonable idea.

The reason it doesn’t already is “the usual reason” that a reasonable idea isn’t currently implemented – it requires (a) thinking of the idea which we hadn’t yet, (b) somebody to do the extra work of adding a new key command into the Mat trait, and (c) perhaps most importantly, since it adds a new field to a trait (for the key command), it probably requires us to wait for a full 3.7 (rather than e.g. 3.6.8) because otherwise we wouldn’t retain backwards-quasi-compatibility within the minor version (i.e. at least not throwing an exception when a module saved with the new version is loaded with 3.6.0)

But by all means someone could open an issue for this on github – 3.7 is something we might do toward the beginning of the year as I have a couple of minor “have to add a field” things I’ve been saving for that.


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