Unreproducable bug in mod reported?


I have just released my GBACW Cedar Mountain mod and I have had a user report back that at least one (maybe two) functions don’t seem to be working as they should.

However I am unable to replicate what the user was reporting on my own PC. I am using v3.1.0-beta5. I have not yet established what tehy are using.

What might be the problem here? Is it possibly related to “persistant cache files” on my PC or something like that?

If you are interested in seeing for yourself, it relates to the functionality of the “Clear Union Pins” and “Clear CSA pins” button functions in the tool bar. Right clciking a unit on the map, and selecting “Pin/unpin” toggles the PIN status. The Clear Pin buttons should clear the pinned status.

Your feedback on this will be most valuable on troubleshooting this problem.



Hi Bull,

Get back to us when you have determined that the problem is reproducible on beta 5. Then, get the other player to send you a log file that shows (to them) the problem occuring. We’ll take it from there.


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