Up Front: How many active players are there on Vassal?

Hi, all.

I’m looking for active Up Front players on Vassal. I realize that this is not the most used module, but it is one of the best modules around. At least compared to the others I’ve tried (and those are good too). So this should be of interest for those who love this old AH classic.

The reason I ask is that if there is enough players, It would be fun to set up a small tournament. Nothing serious, but just an attempt to get more people to play and have fun.


Roar :slight_smile:

Good news and bad news…

Good news is I’ve played Up Front a few times in person and twice on Vassal. I’m still learning the game, but am definitely interested in playing more.

Bad news is I cannot play till the kids are asleep (and I’m in PST).

Finding times to play is always a problem with international systems like this. My impression is also that most peolple playing Up Front on Vassal are in the learning process and not old, experienced players.

One advantage with this, though, is that most peolple are on the same level of experience. But if you still have one or two old dogs, that might well blow a tournament.

Anyway, my main intention with this post was to get a picture of how many are actually playing Up Front on Vassal. So far I’ve got only one answer… Altough I’ve coincidentally come across a few other guys.

R. :slight_smile:

It has been a long while but I used to play this and I am on the east coast USA.

I’m new to both vassal and up front but interested in learning if someone out there has experience and is willing to teach - or at least play with a slow player =)

I found boardgamegeek.com to be a good ref. for this kind of stuff so i started a thread on that fourm


Huge fan of Up Front, and would play almost anytime and place!

Being playing it off and on for over 15 years…

Drop me a line for tourney…


New Player and new to vassal I would love to play UpFront on Vassal If i could find someone to show me the ropes

i am available to play Up Front online. i live on the US east coast. send me a pm

sounds interesting, I’m a new player too.

I own the game and have only ever played f-to-f. I’d like to try online though. Either live or pbem.

I have Up Front, and expansions, but not played it a lot yet. I’ll play on VASSAL if anyone wants though.

An old thread but I’ll try and revive it…

I’d like to play Up Front live or PBeM if there’s any interest

I’ll gladly play as well. Lots of fun!


I am new to Vassal and Up Front…But, would like to try playing. Going to try game with Diploguy and if anyone else wants to help me out…would greatly appreciate it.

Hi All, I would be interested in playing in a tourney or anyone to practice
played F to F over the years but not via vassal.

Reply if interested in a game I live in EST time zone

I am also new to Vassal but have played Up Front on and off for a number of years (off meaning I forget the rules every 2-3 years and have to re-learn them) :slight_smile: I am in the PST and would be interested in a friendly game via live on Vassal or PBEM.

I live on east coast and ready to play.

I read there was a problem with the rules…no?

I live in the UK therefore GMT. I used to play Up Front alot in the 90’s and would like to get back into it. Please send me a me a message if interested in playing.


Hey, I’m new to vassal too but have been trying to find opponents for Up Front as well. I’m MDT.