Update - Battlestar Galactica (FFG) v.1.5.1 + Pegasus & Exodus extensions

Battlestar Galactica FFG 1.5.1 includes the following updates.

1) Fixed shuffling on startup causing many issues. Still shuffles but will not do it for every player or on loading of a file or using log files.
2) Added a lot more reporting as per player request.
3) Allowed sending certain cards to the game box such as Quorum cards that require it.

Battlestar Pegasus FFG 1.5.1 Extension includes:

1) Upgraded the graphics to the standard of the other modules.
2) Added reporting for the Pegasus board.

Battlestar Exodus CylonFleet 1.0.1 Extension includes:

1) Ensured everything has proper and unique names so reporting is meaningful.
2) Added reporting for the Cylon Fleet board.
3) Cylon attack cards and Mining asteroid destination get sent to the game box rather than discarded.