Update - Blockade: Two-player Duel board.

I know that not everyone has the time to learn a new game as a group. So, I have created a slightly scaled down version of the most popular game to ever be created behind bars, 100% designed and tested in the Big House, Blockade.

It's true that when all you have to do is Time, you welcome almost any distraction, but after awhile, most games, even D&D, gets boring. Blockade held strong it was played almost every day. It got confiscated a few times. "Offenders" aren't allowed to make up games. It's a foolish attempt to prevent people who will gamble on anything - including guessing the number of times a particular guard will scratch his butt during his shift - from gambling. We always just reproduced it and played it again the following week, despite it being quite the labor inducing process, and utilizing some highly regulated contraband materials. What can i say, it was worth it.

Blockade was a time serial killer, and everyone loved it. Competition was fierce, people even formed leagues. Surprisingly no one ever gambled on it, as far as I was aware. Blockade entertained my dorm and soon, a few others for nearly two years, up until the day I left and is still being enjoyed, made and distributed, clandestinely, on the inside by my partner.

Popular isn't really the word for it, since only a few TDCJ Units have ever heard of it, but seeing how it is that I'm in no hurry to go back and promote it, I'm making it available to everyone on the outside. I only hope that this version will allow more people to discover it's unique allure and spread the word, so that the Standard, four-player version (soon to be Versions, including an upcoming Deck expansion) will become more popular. Hopefully the top down view of this rendition will be more familiar to Vassal users - I've noticed a scarcity of isometric boards - thus this board features a wholly different look and feel.

Please search for and Like Blockade on FaceBook. We haven't begun a Kickstarter just yet, but it will be soon; early 2014, if all goes well. Thank you, and enjoy.