Update - Dune 2.0 Module II

Version 2.0 of Dune (Module II) is now available for download.

The new version includes these improvements:

- Updated for Vassal 3.2.

- Player Shields now permanently open (but invisible to other players).

- Combat boards added for each faction.

- Kwisatz Haderach card replaced with a leader disc that works like other leaders.

- Traitor cards will no longer report when they are deleted, to help conceal the number of traitor leaders.

- Splash graphic replaced with Scott Everts' box graphic.

- All card decks are now automatically reshuffled after depletion; no more manual reshuffles needed.

- Storm cards now drawn one at a time; drawn card is automatically returned to the deck after each Storm round.

- Preview functions added for Atreides (for Spice and Treachery cards) and Fremen (for Storm cards).

- Issue resolved where automatic Spice placement would not work after a card was drawn a second time.

- Issue resolved where some Treachery cards won in bidding could not be flipped by their new owners.

- Pass option added for Bidding button.

- Various minor corrections and updates.