Update - Empire of the Sun v4.10

Empire of the Sun v4.10 updates include:

- Allied zone of influence color is different for long range bombers vs. fighters, for easy recognition of neutralized ZOI.
- New control markers that show a different color for Progress of the War hexes. One click at the end of turn changes the markers to standard control markers.
- One window shows all decks (draw, discard, removed).
- Special window lets you look through your discard deck and see graphical representations of every card in the deck. - Less icons on the toolbar
- Draw (action) buttons in each player's hand.
- Charts: one window shows CRT, TEC, movement chart, and reinforcement schedules.
- New radius buttons show two radii at once: one for regular vessels and one for carriers.
- Double numbering on the hexes removed.
- Opponent can no longer flip your face-down future offensives card.