Update - Grav Armor v2.0

Grav Armor 2.0 is now available for download. This major update includes these improvements:

What's New in v2.0

- Re-worked and improved maps
- Re-worked counters and corrected unit colors
- New toolbar
- Map includes directional compass rose
- Added new board for orbiting units
- Attack command automatically marks firing unit as Fired
- Hit Effect command auto-rolls 2 dice for hit effect
- Automatic resets of Moved, Fired, and Disrupted markers
- Sounds added for Attack, Disrupt and Destroy commands
- Interrupt button enables declaration of fire on opponent's phase
- Improved charts
- Better reporting for in-game events
- Grav units landing from orbit automatically disrupted unless in Drop status
- Forts can now be marked with EW damage
- Reworked box cover art
- Corrected minor typos in rules