Update - Monopoly

Version 3.0 of Monopoly is now available for download.

The new version includes these improvements:

-Updated for Vassal 3.2.

-Board improvements: Top row of properties flipped to improve legibility; Mr Monopoly logo added; card discard piles marked.

-Piece improvements: Money pieces given borders to improve stack visibility; building and card graphics improved.

-Automation: Automatic shuffle of cards at game start, auto-conversion of sold hotels into 4 houses.

-Mouseover now displays number of hotels/houses remaining in game tray.

-Spelling of "Go" changed to "GO".

-Improved game sounds.

The Speed Die and Stock Market extensions have been updated to work with the new version of the module.

In addition, the new Tokens extension for Monopoly 3.0 adds 8 classic and brand-new tokens to game play: the Cannon, Horse&Rider, Sack of Money, Robot, Diamond Ring, Guitar, Chopper, and Cat.