Update - Normandy '44 v0.9

The module for Normandy '44 has been updated to v0.9!

Changes in 0.9 include:

* The number of cadre units is now automatically tracked. When you reduce a 3-step unit to cadre, the markers will move automagically on the general records track

* The unit names were shortened a bit to better fit the stack view popup

* Reassociated the markers with the commands for counter states after the Marker/Combat Marker windows were changed and references broken

* Moved the common commands from unit type definitions (e.g. USInfantry) to US/BR/DECombatUnit prototypes for easier maintenance across 5 types of units per nationality; left only Entrenching and Scattered where applicable under the unit subtypes

* Created a sub-menu for the counter states for better readability

* Removed the "+2" from the IP markers graphic; it was a relic from playtest era, copied from Ardennes '44 (where IPs add +2 DCB, whereas in N'44 they do not)

* Added the box cover image to the splash screen
* Movement trails added (CTRL-T)

* Fixed the setup hex for 649 Ost/709th (should start in hex 3608 instead of 3606)

* Hex & Unit ID's added to stack view and added magnification & padding to stack view popup

* Send to Cadre Box shortcut changed to CTRL-C

* "Show artillery range" context menu action added to HQ & artillery units (CTRL-A)