Update - Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan (v1.51)


Announcing an update to the Vassal module for Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan!

Games can now be created without a 3rd player (“Referee”) role and with or without counts of cards and blocks. The counts are a new feature to help familiarity with the game and continuity between sessions of a game. Other enhancements include a Notes window, hand size displays on screen and deck/draw bag counts displayed by mouse-over.

The module will still be familiar to users of Joel Toppen’s original. The new features are generally light touch and optional. Players will notice that pieces are now restricted to the owning side in a standard game. For solitaire or teaching, start a “Moderated” game and use the “Referee” role.

For a full overview of the module including new features, please see “Help using this module” from the module’s drop-down Help… menu or this link.

Version 1.51 is not backward compatible and requires Vassal v3.6.6 or later.