Update - Small World v4.0

Small World has been updated to version 4.0.

The 'Help' command on the race and power tokens has been disabled because:

1) It duplicated the functionality of the help charts.
2) Unlike the help charts, it obscured the race/power token for all players while one player was using the help command.
3) Because it was visible to all players, it telegraphed the player's interest in a race without a clear indication that it was doing so.
4) I didn't want to bother doing the image processing for the added Be Not Afraid... races/powers.
5) It was not implemented for all existing race and power badges anyway.
6) It would rarely, but occasionally, cause pieces to disappear. I suspect this was merely a design error, not a Vassal bug, but because of the other 5 reasons I didn't really investigate. Probably mostly number 4.

Other changes:

- Token tray pieces are now in decks, and support the 'draw multiple' command.
- Game pieces are now in layers, such that, e.g., fortresses or lairs always appear underneath race tokens, and dragons and heroes always appear on top.
- Victory points are still manipulated as in the tabletop game - that is, by moving coin tokens around - but they are actually stored as a single number, which is shown above your victory point bag. This total can be hidden or revealed.
- Map regions are all defined for better reporting: i.e. 'Player 1 moves Dwarves from Region 12 to Region 16' instead of 'Player 1 moves Dwarves from offboard to offboard'.