Updated - Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Version 4.0.3

The Vassal module for Commands & Colors:Napoleonics has been updated to v4.0.3 and is now available for download.

Revision Notes 5th Oct 2021:


  • Game start multi-card draws are now reported on a single line (e.g. “playerA draws 5 Command Cards”)
  • From the start of a turn, a single Left-Click on an Ordered piece will no longer add an Attacker marker, unless a combat marker has already been added to some piece. Two Left-Clicks in succession will add an Attacker marker.
  • Short Supply provides a special marker to be placed on the target unit.
  • Scenario GG02 (Waterloo) updated to latest version.

Bug Fixes:

  • Scenario GG00 now usable again.
  • Battalion Mass Command and click-to-place now working.
  • Reverting a Mother Russia or Conscript unit now places correct piece.
  • Garrison placement issues fixed.
  • Command count maintained across play of First Strike (base deck)

Users of Version 4 are recommended to update and to ensure that any opponent is using the same version of the module.

Vassal v3.5.8 minimum required.