Updated version of Pandemic module now available.

You can download an updated Vassal module for Pandemic from the files section of the Pandemic Vassal page. I had tried a few times to contact the person who made the original module to suggest some changes, but never heard anything back, so when I finally figured out how to do some things with Vassal recently, I figured I’d give it go myself. Below are notes about the changes I’ve made…

SETUP: Right-click to shuffle the Player Card deck and then deal out the starting cards to each player. You will still need to drag out each Player Card from the Setup screen to each player’s screen one at a time. Then (here’s the biggest improvement) right-click to select a number of cards to drag onto the card stacks below to add the epidemic cards to. For 2 or 4 players, there will be 45 cards remaining after the initial cards are dealt, so depending whether you have 4, 5 or 6 epidemics, you will need to make stacks as follows:

4 epidemics = 11, 11, 11, 12
5 epidemics = 9 each
6 epidemics = 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 8

For 3 players, there will be 44 cards remaining after the initial cards are dealt, so depending whether you have 4, 5 or 6 epidemics, you will need to make the stacks as follows:

4 epidemics = 11 each
5 epidemics = 9, 9, 9, 9, 8
6 epidemics = 7, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8

This was by far the most tedious thing about the previous version of the module, that you literally had to drag 44 or 45 cards one at a time to each of those stacks. Now, you just right-click, select the number of cards, and then drag from the deck to the stack and that number of cards will be dragged there. Once all of your stacks are made, add an Epidemic card to each stack, right-click to shuffle each stack and then right-click to send each stack to the Player deck on the main board.


  • The big meeples were replaced with the actual pawns from the game, and they are smaller and easier to fit around the board.

  • The player pawns all begin the game on Atlanta. Depending which roles you are playing with, you will need to click on the pawns that you are not using and press D to remove them from the game. I think this saves a little time from having to drag the pawns out of the Role Cards screen and onto the board each game.

  • The research centers have also been made smaller, and the stack of them was moved between Africa and South America.

  • The cubes were made slightly bigger in the hopes that they are easier to grab and move, though there is still some difficulty with that.

  • When you treat cubes, instead of dragging them back to their stacks, just click on the cube and press R and it will automatically go back to the appropriate stack. (Another big help, IMO.)

  • There is no longer an inset mask of the back of the card that covers most of the side of the card that you need to read. The only thing about this is that when drawing from the Infection deck, you need to first drag the card anywhere but to the Infection discard pile in order to see it. Once put on the Infection discard pile, those cards will go face-down again (I may change that at some point). You can still right-click to select a specific card from there if you play the Resilient Population card.

  • When you want to play or discard a card from a player’s hand, click on the card and press D and it will go to the Player Card discard pile. Previously, it was Ctrl D. Not a big deal, but why press extra keys if you don’t have to, ya know? As before, you can also right-click and select the option to discard/play a card.

I think that’s it, for now, at least. If I make any more changes I’ll add them to this thread. Otherwise, everything functions as it did before, and I do want to thank Michael, the original creator of the module, for the great time and effort he put into it. If you have any questions or further suggestions for improvement, give a holler and I’ll do what I can to help…

This new version of the module was edited using Vassal 3.0.17. With the new betas of Vassal, there might be an issue still being worked out with the PNG files, whereby the backgrounds aren’t being removed. So if you are using the new version and see the white backgrounds around the player pawns, that’s why. Just use the previous Vassal version, or wait until the new beta fixes that, or just play with it anyway… it’s not a huge deal.

Congratulation, very good work !!!

To correct your problems with PNG files, just convert each of them in PNG with Alpha …



Thus spake “soft-bug”:

Or wait for beta6. The problem is already corrected in the trunk.


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By fixed, you only mean the way it is in beta5 is kept while the way it was in 3.0.17 was added back in, right? Because I made my PNG’s all transparent for beta5, and I wouldn’t want to have to go back and change them…

You shouldn’t have too, Vassal has always understood the alpha channel usage plus using the alpha channel for transparency as soft bug suggests is better anyways imo.

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