Updates to older modules

Generally speaking, what needs to be done to update an older module to work with 3.2? I’ve been experimenting trying to figure out what exactly doesn’t work with one, and I suspect it has to do with broken references to zones, but I can’t find any way to see what the correct names are (or how to explore the properties of pieces). Can anyone help?

Have you opened the module up through the editing feature? I’m not an expert on VASSAl program but I did mess with one module and through trial and error managed to fix a few errors that popped up in the chat window when the module loaded.

Wish I could be more helpful.

Yes, I made some minor changes here and there so I could try to narrow down what was happening. I suppose it’s possible there’s a general problem with Global Key Commands, but it seems more likely that there’s a difference in how you refer to intrinsic properties like where things are; I couldn’t find a way to explore just what those are to check. It seemed like there SHOULD be a way (I could see when I started a game through the editor that there was a grayed-out “Properties” entry in a menu), but I couldn’t find it.

IS there a property explorer of some sort?