Updating a setup's counters

I have an pre-defined setup based on a saved game file. If I make changes to a prototype that is included in some of the counters, is there an easy way to replace the affected counters in the setup, or do I have to replace the existing counters with new ones one counter at a time?

– Don

Have you tried Tools->Update Saved Games in the Editor?

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2009/1/30 That Don Guy <messages@forums.vassalengine.org (messages@forums.vassalengine.org)>

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You mean the Tools->Update Saved Games that, er, is there primarily to do what I am trying to do? :blush:

Actually, I did (after reading your post), but it didn’t work. I assume I did it right:

  1. Open an old copy of the module.
  2. Run Update Save Games and exported the game piece images to a file.
  3. Close the old copy of the module, and open the current one.
  4. Run Update Save Games, imported the game piece images from step 2, and selected the game save file being used for the Predetermined Setup.
    VASSAL says the saved game was updated, but when I ran the module and selected the Predetermined Setup, none of the existing counters had any of the features I had added.
  5. Close and reopen the new module, and add a new Predetermined Setup using the same saved game file (just in case something in VASSAL wasn’t being updated properly).
  6. Close and reopen the module again, and start a new game with the new Predetermined Setup.
    Still no updates.

I have a feeling the original save game wasn’t from the same copy of the module as the game piece image info. Oh well - there aren’t that many counters in the setup…

– Don

Is the updater working properly with the last version yet?

I think I found the problem - when the message window says that a save game file was updated, it doesn’t mean that the save game file itself was updated. Apparently, there are a few more steps needed that the help file leaves out:

  1. When a game is updated, it immediately opens the updated save game; make sure the changes have been implemented.
  2. Save the game under a different name.
  3. Close the open game (but keep the editor open), and change the predefined setup for that game to use the new saved game instead of the old one.

– Don