Updating Existing Module

I could really use some help updating an existing module. I’ve got an update of someone else’s existing module ready to go and have reviewed the instructions on how to upload the file at the link below, but it just doesn’t seem to work. I don’t see any way to upload the new module, even after updating the files section. Do I have to wait for moderation first?

vassalengine.org/wiki/How_to … odule_Page

Yes both the uploads and (separately) edits to the wiki pages that link to modules are moderated, and tend to take somewhere between a few hours and a couple days to clear, just depending on how lucky you get about where you land in the cycle.

From the upload page, you can check in on vassalengine.org/wiki/Special:ListFiles (the list of files most recently cleared through moderation) to see when your file is available.

Meanwhile on the page for your module you can add a link in for your version of the module (don’t remove/replace old links to older versions, just add a new entry on top for your newer version). When you save the wiki page, it too awaits moderation, and then will eventually be live.

Thanks. I checked again this morning and found the file upload link. The docs that I reviewed didn’t make it 100% clear that the file upload link has to be accessed through a wiki edit that has passed moderation.