Updating from 2005

Hi there. The first Vassal module I made was from 2004 (or so) called War in Heaven, a half-finished game based on Paradise Lost. That was prior to Vassal’s source being opened, I think, and maybe prior to having a forum.

Anyway, I wanted to update that mod (upload the files in lieu of the broken link there now) and also provide a port of Metagaming Microgame 18 Lords of Underearth, but I am unable to remember whatever credentials it took to submit it in the first place. To whom would I direct my questions about re-establishing that access?

Thank you…

Thus spake “Mazinga”:

You need to log in to the VASSAL site in order to upload modules or edit
module information. Is the problem that you don’t remember your password?


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Hi uckelman, Yes, not only do I not recall the password, but also the old username, plus I probably don’t have the same email address (though I can still provide clear proofs of identity). I thought if I found out who maintained the site software, then maybe they could alias me or help me get back the old uid.

I had uploaded it probably in April of 2004, since that seems to crop up as the last modified date of my files. I tried emailing Rodney, but haven’t yet found a reply. Seems like he might have handed off site maintenance when he open sourced Vassal.

Thanks, --M

Now that we’re on our new site, are you able to log in to update the module? If not, please let me know so that I can give you a hand.