Updating module, looking for advice on where to start (Deck info and graphics)

Hi! I’m looking to tweak an existing module to include two new features. I’ve already done some tweaking to the module, so have a basic level of comfort with Vassals design structure. That said, some guidance from others would be appreciated here so I can try to make these tweaks in a clean way.

  1. For a deck of cards, I would like to display three values on the main display window:
  • Number of cards left in deck
  • Number of “Type A” cards left in deck
  • Number of “Type B” cards left in deck

I assume that as part of this I would need to individually ‘flag’ a subset of cards that I want counted as type A or B (many will be neither). Am I thinking about the problem the right way? How would this be implemented?

  1. On the main background mapboard graphic are a few dozen ‘spaces’. these spaces have subtle details printed into them that are important to the game, but are also in a specific fill color. The way the module/game is implemented right now, a colored disc is used to denote the box as either Blue, Red, or Grey. The mapboard has the ‘starting color’ printed on it as fill, but it effectively changes with a different color disk placed. I would like to get rid of the discs and have the box itself ‘shift’ colors via right click menu to clear up the visual.

My initial thought (and this feels a little painstaking) is to manually make 3 different graphic files for each of the boxes (one in each color), make them chits, then use a graphic shift (I did that recently elsewhere) to shift between the three for each map space. I’m a little unclear on how to ‘force’ them to reside just above the background all the time.

Am I on the right part for thinking about this? Does anyone have a cleaner way to maybe approach it? To be clear, i’m just looking for some breadcrumbs so I can start my search on how to do this- so no need to feel like i’m asking for details to be written out here (unless you want to).