Upload Moderation: how do we communicate with them?

I’m currently trying to upload a large list of SPI Vassal modules to the Modules section here.

Usually, when I upload a module, it passes moderation within a day. But now I’m noticing the uploads of the last day(s) are not appearing in the Module lists. I have experienced a few oddities in the uploading process where I may make a few mistakes in uploading the many .vmods and support files I need to create all these new module pages. I’m wondering if the moderators are thinking I’ve turned into a spam bot of some kind! :laughing:

Still, I want to keep the process moving. How can I find out what, if anything, is “holding up” the approval on my recently uploaded modules?

Years ago, I used to get an email telling me that a recent upload had passed moderation, but I assumed that after I became a frequent (perhaps “trusted”) contributor, this process was discontinued. But, since I’m not getting any communication indicating that there are problems with the modules I’m uploading and the new pages I’m creating, I’m in a bit of an information vacuum.

Is there anything I can do to ameliorate this situation?

Tim M (who also moderates the forum) is the gatekeeper of the module files, so to speak. I talked with him just other day and he says he has not had the computer access that he would normally have and he says he’s got a list of things to do.

I don’t know if this would involve your issues or not but he would be the one to talk to.


For now, I’ll just assume that Tim is taking longer to do moderation gatekeeping due to Covid. I’ll stretch my expectation of approval time by a few days and revisit this again.