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Nice link. Thanx!

Here’s another good link for various pieces of art.

BTW, on following your link and jumping around to some of their links, I ran across a note that said Gary Gygax had died on March 4th. I was sad to hear that.

For those of you who may not know who Gary Gygax is, he was the co-founder of Dungeons & Dragons and, as such, started the whole world of RPG gaming. He also wrote most of the early books (Dungeon Masters Guide, Players Manual, Monster Manual, etc.) and many of the original D&D game modules.

Here’s to you, Gary [cheers …clink!]

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I’ve just stumbled upon a nice website.

You can find there lots of side view pictures of soldiers, tanks, buildings, etc. There are also some top-down pictures, which might be more interesting for miniature games. Here’s an example.

Thanks Skorpio.
Great site!

Found another interesting site:

They have thousands of blueprints there. The site is more directed to 3D artists, but it’s also interesting for VASSAL module designers. But I think some of the blueprints are copyrighted, so you can only use them as an inspiration, or have to ask the copyright holders, if you may use the pictures.

Edit: BTW I’ve drawn some terrain stuff for the VOTR module (Lord of the rings miniatures). I could make that stuff available for other module designers. Maybe I’ll upload it to mediafire.

I uploaded the terrain which I made for the VOTR module (Vassal Lord of the Rings minis) on mediafire. Click here.

Feel free to modify the terrain as you like. And it would be nice, if you mentioned my name and this thread in the credits, if you want to use the terrain.

Great idea, the last is even new to me.

You can also find a lot of nice (top-down) stuff on

There are many custom maps/vehicles for the Close Combat Series.

Forgot to post this link: Starship shematics.

Awesomeness. Anything special I’d need to do within VASSAL to use those maps?

dumb question, but how do I add a personal icon for posting here?

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Thus spake zov66:

dumb question, but how do I add a personal icon for posting here?

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There are a lot of counter scans available on thewargamer website:

Thanks for all the great links, I found a lot of useful images

Thanks guys, these are great resources.

I’ll see about adding this to the Tips & Tricks section of the Wiki.

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Thanks guys, these are great resources.

Read this topic online here:

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Thanks for sharing the links buddy .
I found these links very useful.

I am so sorry, when I tried to open the website:, It shown “We’ve Moved our Paper Soldier Files into a new Database Format. Please click HERE to go to the database.” Please tell me what’s happen.

Military Map Symbols as TrueType Fonts, and other Military related Resources:

German Army Organization Symbols 1939-1945: … ls_39.html … ls_41.html … ls_43.html

This would certainly be an interest to me. I know a site or two as well.

What site are you refering to?