User & Password lost -


One of our player in a 6-players game of HIS has lost his computer from which he connected to Vassal. We are at the beginning of turn 3.
He has bought a new computer, but is unable to remember his user and password. For his user, we have an idea. But of course not his password.
We have played the first two turns partly with VLOG and partly with ONLINE sessions (VSAV).

→ Is there any mean to retrieve his password from VASSAL server?


Reminder that for access to player sides, only the password matters–the username is immaterial. If you contact me by private message and are able to send your saved game file and which player side the user is locked out of, I can provide assistance.

So we used the modified vsav file you sent to me and It worked perfectly fine. He’s now back in the game.

Thanks a lot for the help.