Using a variable inside a map name

Hi ! :slight_smile:

I currently have finished the 1st step of the module development I wanted to do. The only problem I currently have is that all maps have a name directly defined in the editor.

To allow more flexibility (my module is about a pen and paper rpg), I would like each player to enter his character name (I already have some ideas to do this part from what I read here and there.) so that I could use this parameter to edit the maps name regarding this character.

To be more precise : there is a common map (GameTable) where players draw and play cards (main rpg mechanic). Each player has 2 hands : 1 is his cards hand and the other one is the character sheet. I want to have the character name (let’s say character_name1, global property set during the “enter the character name” step) in these 2 maps name.

So far, my trys only returned strings, such as $character_name1$, {$character_name1$}. I am pretty sure that the Map Name parameter can only return string and not variable values. Can someone confirm it ot give me a way to do it ? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: