Using Arkham Horror card base decks

Hey there, I’m new to Vassal and I’ve downloaded the Arkham Horror game and it is missing the base deck cards ie the environment, rumours and location encounter cards. I’ve noticed that they are on a separate file which I downloaded but I do not know how to import them into the Arkham Horror module itself! Help!!!

The file you want to add probably has a .vmdx extension …which means it’s a module extension or add-on

To load it, start Vassal so that the Vassal Module Library appears, right-click Arkham Horror and select Add Extension.

I was having a problem where no matter what I was doing, decks were not showing up. After I wrote this post explaining the situation, I went back to VASSAL and started AH again. However, this time there was a difference. When I went to SETUP, instead of just having ‘Common Box’ available, now there was also ‘Base Box’ which contained all the decks, along with a convenient button to add them to the game.

So if you’ve ‘done everything right’ installing VASSAL and the Arkham Horror Modules and you’re not seeing decks, that’s what you want to look for.

The one change I can remember making is last time I installed, I renamed the AH module, taking out the underscores in the name. That must be what caused ‘Base Box’ to show up on my setup button, as it’s never been there before a few minutes ago.

Hope this helps someone.

Thanks! I have been over-taxing my brain, trying to get the card decks loaded and working! :slight_smile: