Using Global Key Commands Easy Question

Hello all. I have managed (after some trial and error) to use a global key command to change a particular stat (Morale) on a number of pieces however I want to refine the choice of pieces that are selected. I have a prototype called Evil and I want the stat change to only affect those pieces with the prototype Evil. I cannot for the life of me work out what the syntax is to put in the “matching properties” field. I have tried all the obvous (to me!) candidates but to no avail.

NOTE: If I leave the matching property empty the actual stat change works BUT obviously this captures all units…

Any help (especially correct answers : ) ) would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Put a Marker trait with name Type and value Evil in the prototype Evil.

Then in the matching properties of the gck use: Type=Evil

Thanks a lot would not have thought of that…will give it a go.