Using Layer_Level drives Vassal crazy!

I am trying to multiply by (LayerName)_Level and I get an out of memory error. If I add instead of multiply it works fine increasing the value by the _Level value. Any idea why it’s blowing a gasket? The layer is named Activity so {$Activity_Level$ * StrStrength$} is the formula.

Any idea’s? Working on TSR Battle over Britain and need this feature to auto show the value increases for Double or Triple activity set in the basic game.


Remove the $.

I should add I don’t know why you are getting memory errors, but you are mixing up classic syntax vs bean shell syntax, so you should clean that up first. The curly braces says bean shell, so you don’t want the $ there. As I said, I don’t know why you are getting an error, but at least simplify the problem by fixing your syntax first. The