using sub-menu

I dont understand the example in the book, as they show the picture of sub menu, but example given is different. can anyone help me better understand it or tell me a module that uses it and may help me figure it out. thanks

This is more of a module design question than technical support.

Toolbar menus: The ‘Zombies!!!’ module has a number of submenus in the main toolbar. Basically, start by putting all of your submenu items on your toolbar, then move them into a menu by adding a ‘Toolbar Menu’ component.

Submenus in the right-click context menu: The ‘Battlestar Galactica’ module has some good submenus on the character tokens and on the ‘viper’ tokens. Again, start by adding your submenu items to the piece normally. Move them into a menu by adding a Sub-Menu trait. The trait should list the ‘command name’ (the text you would see in the right-click menu) of each command in the menu, and it is case-sensitive.


thanks for the help, you can delete me now