v3.4.0-beta1 - Chat Window HTM preferences showing

When a module specifies “Never” or “Always” for HTML in Chat (Global Option), the user-preference for this option does not show on the Chat Windows Preferences tab.

However, the default setting for the Global Option is “User-Preference” and, in this case, the Chat Windows Preferences tab provides a setting option in duplicate (top and bottom of the preference tab).

I believe that the duplicated options should both be removed from the Chat Windows Preferences tab and the module default should be “Never”.


Hi Mark – I think I changed the default Global Option to “Never” for 3.4.0. Of course if you are loading a module that has already been saved with the 3.3.3-beta1, then it would already have written out the “old default”. Check with a new module (or a module written with something 3.3.2 or prior that is being written with 3.4.0-beta for the first time and never with 3.3.3-beta?

saved under v3.3.3-beta1 is the likely explanation. I will check.