v3.4.0-beta1 - Movement Trail - new default Key Commands

The updated Movement Trail trait has 3 new default key commands, including existing instance of the trait. I was wondering if these defaults might cause problems in modules that already use one or more of these key commands (variations on Control+T plus modifier(s), eg. Shift+Control+T).

Might it be better to have existing modules default to null, whilst adds in the editor get the new defaults ? Or am I over-concerned ?


Hi Mark,

You have raised a valid point, and I think it is even worse that you suggest. The new default keys are being added to counters in existing modules, even if you don’t edit and save the modules. If the module is already using these keys for something else, strange things are going to happen. And since the new keys don’t have menu items, it will be difficult to debug.

Thanks, I have passed this on.

Yep thanks - just pushed a PR to 3.4.0 that will have it default the new functions’ keystrokes to blank/undefined – that lets module designers who want the functions define keystrokes for the ones they want.