v3.4.6 bug (minor): Current scenario can be re-opened

I’ve noticed a scenario-opening difference between v3.2.17 and the latest version of Vassal. Not sure when it came in but I only started noticing it on v3.4.6 or maybe v3.4.5.

  1. Open a scenario from the list under File - Scenarios…
    For example, Commands and Colors: Napoleonics.

  2. Once the scenario is opened, go back and check that scenario again in the scenario list; in V3.2.17 it will be greyed out like all the others. In V3.4.6 the current scenario (only) remains in black text and can be selected. If selected, the user is prompted to save the current instance of the scenario and then the scenario is opened again from the list.

To my mind, either of the two options is ok … either grey out if there is a scenario open, or allow scenarios to be opened over an existing one, but always give a warning. It would be nice to be consistent though, and perhaps safer for them all to be greyed out.

Not a major bug but I’m mentioning it in case it is easily fixed or flags up a more serious issue.


Update: I don’t seem to be able to reproduce this bug through a straightforward module start and open scenario(s) test (in v3.4.6). I am guessing it kicked in when some more obscure circumstance arose whilst I was editing the module.