V3.5.0beta1 - chess clocks

Noticed a couple of things.

  1. In the editor… Chess clocks Help button generates a pop up error message. Broken link maybe?

2 I can’t get the chess clocks to display hh:mm only. Insists on a leading 0: even when “days” is set to never.

(1) Thx! Left the “L” off of “HTML” if you can imagine!

(2) 0:00:00 is h:mm:ss, I believe? When I ALSO set seconds to “never” I get h:mm

If still having problems on #2 could you post me a test module where you’re having the problem?

Thanks Brian - Sorry, I was talking nonsense about point 2, mixing up days/hours and minutes/seconds. I will get back to v3.5 in a few days time but I am pretty sure the clock display is working fine.