v3.5.3 - window headings

It’s really useful to have a spec of the module’s running scenario / save file, version and Vassal version in the main module window.

However, I think for subsidiary windows the “system” information starts to overwhelm the information local to the module and of more relevance to the user/player.

For example; the main window (top) and a number of subsidiary windows can look like this…

Based on this example, the subsidiary windows could do just fine without the filename extension and module version number. e.g.

S116 - Vitoria: French Hand


Mark - I agree with you on this… The info is helpful for the main window, but not necessary or desirable for secondary windows.

Try the VASSAL-3.5.6-SNAPSHOT-169faea-14360 build. Is this more what you had in mind? vassalengine.org/builds/

Yes, thanks, that is how I imagined the cut-down sub-window headings might look.