v3.5.5 - Chess Clock issues

Caveat: After trying the Chess Clocks in v3.5 beta, I’ve returned to them only just now, so this is new stuff for me.

Here’s a log of my editing session with perceived anomalies highlighted in bold:

  1. Add a chess clock control in a two-sided module (no scenario open at this point, but the buttons appear anyway). Configure the sides.
  2. Decide that you don’t need the overall control button - maybe removing the image and button text will work the same as for other buttons and make it go away.
  3. Great! It works… open a scenario… oops! The scenario is blank… try another, same!
  4. Restart the module… phew, the scenarios are working again
  5. but… where’s the chess clocks ? Gone! I guess Chess Clocks must have a control button (hotkeys would have been enough, maybe)
  6. Back into the editor, let’s have a chess clock control after all…
  7. Try re-enabling the default button image… nothing! Button doesn’t appear back either
  8. Create a new chess clock control; copy the defined buttons from the old chess clock control and remove the new ones.
  9. Working!