v3.5.5 - image save - default file extension wrong?

This has been there for a while if not forever, but maybe could be fixed easily…

save image seems to inherit the last created (?) file name, including extension… so e.g. my game.vlog

Perhaps the extension could be replaced by .png ?


I’m having trouble reproducing this as it is always offering me e.g. “Map.png”.

Maybe I don’t understand which save image you mean? I’m clicking on the little camera icon to capture an image of my map?

Can you provide more precise repro steps?


Opening a scenario, opening a log, playing some moves (optional, I think), click the camera icon to capture an image of the map.

Okay I’m starting to think this might be a Mac-specific problem, because when I do that (on Windows) all the file defaults work correctly.


I was thinking the same. I will experiment with permutations of file ops and what I find.