[VABGG] VASSAL Adventure Board Game Group

This is the official thread for the VASSAL Adventure Board Game Group (VABGG).

The purpose of this group is to bring people together, who wish to play adventure board games - such as HeroQuest, Space Crusade, Descent, Warhammer Quest, Doom: TBG, etc. - on a regular basis.

The idea behind this group is that fellow adventure board gamers should be able to play, even if they are not so lucky as to have some local friends to play with, or if they have a hard time finding the odd game on VASSAL.

VABGG will be organized into several game groups, which will meet on a regular, scheduled basis, according to the wishes of the game group members, and play their chosen game. Each game group will have a group leader, who will have the responsibilities of organizing - i.e. informing the group members if a nights game has been postponed, etc.
The active game groups will all be visible at the bottom of this post, with information on which game is being played, scheduled play times, current members and whether there are vacant member slots.
There is also a list, at the bottom of this post, of everyone looking to join or form a game group. Let me know if you want to be added to this list, or if you want any changes to be made to it.

If you are interested in joining VABGG, and finding an adventure board game group to play with, simply post in this thread, give a short introduction, tell what games you are interested in playing and leave some contact information.
If you have formed a group - even if you still have open member slots - just let me know, and I will put it in this post.

Happy adventure board gaming!

Hi there!

My name is Thomas, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Denmark.
I’ve always had a thing for adventure board games, but besides HeroQuest, which I more or less grew up with, and some variant homebrews, I sadly havn’t had many opportunities to give them a go.
That’s why I was so psyched when I discovered VASSAL back in January. Alas, I rarely see any adventure board games being run on VASSAL, and I’ve only had the chance to play a few times with some friends, or catch a random game here and there. That’s what gave me the incentive to start VABGG - to find people to play with, and help others in the same position as myself.

Space Crusade is probably the game I’m the most interested in playing, but Doom: TBG and HeroQuest are close contenders as well. But even if those are my preferred games, I’m open for pretty much any adventure board game, really.
For the time being, I should be able to play on pretty much any day, at any hour.

You can most easily get a hold of me through MSN or E-mail, both of which use the same address:
thomasskafsgaard AT gmail DOT com


  • Skafsgaard

This sounds very cool.

I personally wouldn’t be playing much as I’m spending as much time as I can developing my own mods …including To Be King, which would probably fit right into adventure gaming. But, I’d be interested in signing up and possibly getting in a round or two of something once in a while until TBK is up to the level where it’s easily playable. Then I’ll probably be around all the time.

Do you have a website? Forum?

Hi Doc,
thanks for the interest!

This is still a new initiative, so there are no forums or website as of yet.
However, if this proves to be popular - something that the VASSAL community wants - then there probably will be in the future. But untill VABGG grows, I believe we can do with a thread.

I hope you’ll join a game group, when we get some up and running, and when you can find the time. (:


If you want advertisement … count me in to diffuse breaking news on my website !!!

Regards from Paris,


I think a game group such as this could be really good. The main problem with this type of adventure gaming is that it takes time to play and needs organisation and co-operation to get together and play.

Must admit I find these sort of a games a welcome break from a fast paced world and new wave real-time games that deplete my energies.

I’ll keep an eye out for groups as they start.

I’ve always had a soft spot for RPG type games and I wouldn’t mind joining a group interested in such games on vassal. I believe it would be a refreshing change from the other types of boardgames I’ve been playing. The problem with RPG is getting enough people together to play them.

RPG games I would be interested in are

  1. Descent (don’t own it, but always wanted to see what all the hype was about)

  2. Warhammer Quest (own it, as well as the expansions but I haven’t played it in quite some time)

  3. Heroquest (own it as well as the expansions, but like the previous RPG games I haven’t played it in awhile)

  4. Mechwarriors

Any other RPGs would also be fine with me.


I might be interested in this.

Pretty new to all of this though; I’d hate to be a pain in the ass.


I think this sounds like a great idea!

OK, a little about me. My name is Trent and I live in Kentucky, U.S. I am 37-years-old, married, three-year-old daughter who already has a fondness for rolling the dice. I am a local newspaper editor.

I own several of the games you mentioned (Descent, Warhammer Quest, Doom) and love them all. I have a few friends who like to get together now and then to play them, but it is very difficult to get everyone’s schedules worked out. Needless to say, I don’t play as often as I’d like. Perhaps the group you are forming is just the answer. So if you have a slot, count me in.

First, let me say how great it is to get so many positive responses!
And then let me apologize for not getting back to you all before now. I’ve unfortunately not had the oportunity. I’ll make a habit of checking this thread at least once a day, from now on.
I’ll answer each of you in order.

Hi Greg - a bunch of thanks for the offer! I’d be great if you could promote us a bit on your own forum. I’d really appreciate that!
Would you also be interested in joining up with a game group, to play some adventure board games with us?

I couldn’t agree more!
It’d be a pleasure to have you join us. I’m going to put everyone interested in joining or forming a game group in the bottom of the first post in this thread - then it’ll be easier to actually form a game group, when you have an easy overview of who’s interested. Please tell me if you have any problems with being put on this list.
Also, can you specify which games you’re interested in playing?

Very true, very true. Let’s hope this group can be effective in overcoming that obstacle.
I’m glad you’d like to join up! I’ll put you in the list in the first post of this thread as well. As with danjaman, please just tell me if you’d like me to remove you from the list at one point, or if you want me to change anything.

You’re no pain at all - in fact I’m very delighted that you’re interested! Even if you might be new to VASSAL, we’ll show you the ropes. It’s fairly easy to learn to use.
Would you mind describing which games in particular you’d like to play?

Hi Trent, good to meet you! Thanks for the thumbs up - this wouldn’t be possible without the support of the people of the community, such as you.
I’m glad you’d like to join up. I’ll put you in the list in the first post of the thread as well, with the games you mentioned that you own, as your preferred games. Are there any other games you would like me to add?

By the way, Doc, would you like me to put you in the list in the first post of this thread, or would you rather wait a bit?

Again, thanks for all the interest, everyone. This is turning out to become really great. Right now we should have enough people to form the first game group, granted that everyone can agree on a game to play. It’s all very exciting, and hope we’ll get it up and running very soon.

As I mentioned in my answers to some of you, I’ll be be putting up a list in the first post of this thread, with everyone who expressed interest in joining or forming a game group. If you’d like me to change anything about you on the list, such as what games you’d like to play, just give me a shout and I’ll change it as soon as possible.

EDIT: It appears that two of you (Extralean and CaptainTreacherous73/Trent) are both interested in playing Descent or Warhammer Quest. I myself am very interested in trying out Descent, and I could also be persuaded into giving Warhammer Quest a go. Depending on what other people would like to play, I suggest that our first game group will be based around playing one of these games.
Please let us know if you’d like to participate in one such game group.
And in general, remember to let us know what games you’re interested in playing, and leave some contact info such as your MSN addy as well - it’s much easier to form game groups, when we know who wants to play what and how to get a hold of them. Thanks. (:

Also, Extralean and CaptainTreacherous73: Would you like to form a Descent or Warhammer Quest game group as soon as possible, starting with just the three of us, and then having others join us as we go along, or would you rather wait a bit to see if we can have one or two more join up before we start out? Also, which of the two would you rather play?

Pardon my super long post.

Sure, you can put my name on the list. As I mentioned, I’m heavily into doing me own game building at the moment so I probably won’t be available for most games but I’d like a heads up when the games are scheduled to be played just the same. Besides, I got to take a break some times. :slight_smile:

I haven’t played any of the games mentioned so no preferences. It would have to be something where I have access to a rule book, though.

On a side note, I can set up a discussion forum for the Adventure Gaming Group on my forum, if you like. The forum is hardly being used at all. Maybe something like this can kick start some activity.


Also, Extralean and CaptainTreacherous73: Would you like to form a Descent or Warhammer Quest game group as soon as possible, starting with just the three of us, and then having others join us as we go along, or would you rather wait a bit to see if we can have one or two more join up before we start out? Also, which of the two would you rather play?

Yes, I would be fine with starting straight away. No better time than the present. I like both Warhammer Quest and Descent so either one is fine. I think Descent is a better game. So, I guess I would rather play Descent but if the general thinking is for WHQ I have absolutely no problem with that.

Super! I’ll add you to the list, and put no preferences, except for access to a rulebook as a requirement.
About the sub-forum - it’s very kind of you, so thanks a bunch for the offer. I’m not sure it’s a good idea just yet, though, as VABGG is just starting out, and nothing scares people away more than a dead forum, in my experience. But if this starts to attract a crowd, then it might become just the thing we need. Maybe I can take you up on the offer at a later date?
By the way, if you don’t have any specific preferences, then how would you like to join Trent, Extralean and I in a Descent or Warhammer Quest game group, if I can get you a manual? I think we’re looking to play at regular intervals, though.

Sounds good to me - if Extralean is ready to start right away as well, I think we should do it as soon as possible. I propose that we make a schedule for playing, such as a certain time and day every week. I’d also be up for playing more often than that, such as two days a week, but that all depends on when you’re available and how often you would like to play. Are there any times and days that’d be good for you?
I’d definitely also prefer Descent to Warhammer Quest, but I’m not hell bent on it. Seems like we feel the same way, though, which is good. Let’s see what Extralean says.

That’s always the tricky part, WHEN everyone can play. Alright, I’m in the Eastern Time Zone here in the U.S. (I believe that is GMT-5). I can play just about anytime on weekends with a little advanced warning. Wednesdays I am normally free from about 11:00 a.m until 5:00 p.m. Beyond that I can usually swing just about any weeknight between, say, 9:00 p.m. and midnight. When I game with my friends here locally, we normally start around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. on a Friday or Saturday and go until wee hours of the morning.

At any rate, if the decision is to go with Descent then I don’t mind being the Overlord. I don’t have any expansions to the game right now, though, so our first quest would have to be one that only requires the base game. I plan to get Well of Darkness in the next week or two, however.

Looking forward to getting started.

Hmmm… not sure which Vassal games are available nowerdays?

I remember a HeroQuest Module, but can’t remember whether it was just the core game or with expansions too…

SpaceCrusade (two versions, both a bit rough round the edges), used to play this game a lot, I have two copies and the expansions which was good for crazy 8 board setups and extended missions that lasted about 4 hrs lol

I used to play Warhammer quest with a friend, but don’t own the game so rules would be a problem; so i guess the above two would be those on my list.

Did always want to play AdvanceHeroQuest / Space Hulk again or try out AdvancedSpaceCrusade / Tyranid Attack, but I don’t think there are modules for them.

I realise there are ways of playing SH online out there.

Sure thing. The offers open anytime.

That’s fine with me. My schedule may be a problem and I don’t want that to be a problem as far as everyone finding a time. So, consider me an afterthought. If I can make it, great. If not, oh, well.

I’m on the west coast USA [GMT -7]. I’m usually available around 8pm for 2 or 3 hours. I’m usually open on most Sundays and I have a day off each week but it changes from week to week. Let me know what week you have in mind and I’ll let you know which day I’m off that week. Next week it’s Tuesday.

I live in New Brunswick Canada eastern time (GMT -4 I believe). Whenever others are ready to start a game of Descent (I don’t think any other RPGs are available on Vassal) let me know. I can play most days/evenings if I get advanced notification.

could i join i would like to play heroquest with some peeps.i am at -6 time :slight_smile:

Haven’t received any current news concerning the VABGG so at the moment I’m just biding my time working on some modules.