Valor & Victory - PBEM

I’m looking for someone to play Valor & Victory with, the thing is I’m a total newbie to wargames. My free time is limited so I figured that PBEM would allow me to play/learn this game with the help of someone else. I’ve read through the rules and it seems interesting but seeing how I’ve never played a wargame before, it is kind of hard to motivate myself to play a solo game.

So if anyone is interested in playing with and helping out a newbie, let me know.

Or if someone thinks that using Vassal to learn a wargame isn’t the best idea that’d be helpful advice too.

This is a good game and I would play if there were opponents. I don’t know if it is a good PBEM though. For example deciding what to lose when fired on, deciding when to fire during the opponents turn. Also the module does not have armor at the moment, but still if there is someone to play with I will play.