Valor & Victory: rotate maps?, and extra maps?

Greetings all:
Hopefully these are easy questions to answer.

  1. Is it possible to rotate the Valor & Victory maps so one map, for example, the village, will fit on the screen lengthwise, instead of vertically?
    Vertically seems to be the default setting, meaning I can see half of the map at a decent magnification.

  2. There are more maps in the second of two separate file links for Valor & Victory. However, I could not open the module from the second link. I opened the module from the first link with no trouble, but it only has two maps. So, does anyone know how I can load the maps from the second file into my Vassal?

Thanks very much for your kind consideration!


Thus spake “Acharnement”:

In order to do that with VASSAL 3.1 or earlier, you’d need to rotate the
map image and add that to the module using the module editor. We may
someday provide the ability to rotate the map on the fly.

These are two different modules. If you want to add the maps from one
module to the other, you need to extract the images from the source
module, and then add them to the target module using the module editor.
Note, however, that you may need to do some more setup, such as adding
a hex grid, etc.


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