Various COIN Games

Hi there,

I’m new to VASSAL but not to these games. I’m looking for opponents for

  • Fire in the Lake
  • Liberty or Death
  • Falling Skies
  • Collonial Twillight (2-Player Game)

I’d prefer playing real time, but I would give PBEM a try. I’m living in the CET timezone (Germany).


Oh, I see you play COINs too! I replied to your Lab/TS topic, but I would love to learn Fire in the Lake, if you’d be willing to teach me :slight_smile:

A little offtopic: have you tried playing with the Wargameroom client? I checked it out today and I like it a lot. It automatically implements the rules and it seems very fast and reliable. TheFitL module especially - it has been updated last month, so it is probably stable.

I have only played a COIN (Fire in the Lake) game once, I would like to learn. I also prefer real time, I usually use Discord, for voice. I live in EST, however I am retired and have an alarm clock, so I can usually play any time.


P.S. For Discord there is a Vassal server “Vassal - Unofficial Discord Server”

Your afternoons are my evenings. So with you beeing retired, so there should be no problem.


I have a good deal of experience with Colonial Twilight (though new-ish to Vassal) so would be interested in that (real time fine for me) and I’m very interested in playing other COIN titles though I don’t have as much experience there as with CT.