VASL 5.0 Map issue - Bug:1864423


Hopefully someone can help me out.

My buddy and I are trying to play some ASL. He is able to load the software, has the maps dowloaded etc, but the only map he can get to show is the thumbsized one when you hit the button next to the LOS button.

He says he has tried to resize the windows etc, (which is how I fixed the problem on my end).

Any thoughts? I realize this is a broadly asked question.

Thanks in advance.


Thus spake “sspence13”:

This might not be of much help, but here’s another data point: I’ve
noticed that sometimes if I resize the main window before (or during)
game loading, it cause the main map not to display at all—the splitter
between the chat pane and the map pane doesn’t even appear. I haven’t
been able to consistently replicate the problem myself, so I’ve had no
luck in tracking down the cause.


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Yep, I’ve had this problem with VASL ever since installing the later version of the Java runtime (1.6). It drives me nuts too! If you roll back to Java 1.5, the problem goes away, but this means you cannot run Vassal 3.0.x

I understand Rodney has been working on bringing VASL up to 3.x standards but I’m not sure if this particular issue is on his agenda.

Thanks for the responses guys. I will let my friend know.

Have a nice weekend.


I’ve noticed a work-around for this in VASL. Open the unit menu before loading the game. When it comes up (hidden) close the unit menu and everything will snap into place (and stay there when you open the menu again).

However, this doesn’t seem to work when using Vassal 3.0. :frowning:


Thanks. Hopefully this will work. I will let my friend know!