VASSAL 3.1.0-beta7 released

The VASSAL Team is happy to announce the release of VASSAL 3.1.0-beta7.


For Windows: … indows.exe

For Mac OS X: … macosx.dmg

For Linux (and other platforms): …

Source code: …

Changes since beta6:

A number of problems present in 3.1.0-beta6 are fixed in 3.1.0-beta7:

  • Bug 2493325: Don’t add Preferences to Module Manager File menu on MacOS X
  • Bug 2486596: NPE in SequenceEncoder.appendEscapedString()
  • Bug 2476838: IllegalArgumentException in BundleHelper.getString()
  • Bug 2475197: Chat classes call Swing methods off the EDT
  • Bug 2442887: Exception if no Layer levels and type new level name
  • Bug 2432774: ClassCastException: PrototypeDefinition$Config$Definer$Plain
    cannot be cast to VASSAL.counters.Decorator
  • Bug 2418907: NPE When SendToLocation sends to Region that does not exist
  • Bug 2418813: NPE Sending PrivateMsg to person who is ‘Ignoring’ you
  • Bug 2415632: NPE in DeckGlobalKeyCommand.encode()
  • Bug 2393130: Zoom menu not initialized at time of Zoomer creation
  • Bug 2393526: Cache requests not marked as failed when Errors occured
  • Bug 2390630: Connecting to server blocks GUI when server is down
  • Bug 2381419: NPE in RegionGrid.Config.EditRegionAction.windowClosed()
  • Bug 2380245: FileNotFoundException not being caught during image loading
  • Bug 2373956: NPE in child ImageOp when parent fails
  • Bug 2372199: NPE in PieceSlot.updateGpId()
  • Bug 2358673: Piece transparency in LOS looks weird at non 100% zoom
  • Bug 2315230: ConnectException in HttpRequestWrapper.doGet()
  • Bug 2296067: InvalidDnDOperationException in PieceMover.DragHandler
  • Bug 2225711: Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in SavedGameUpdater
  • Bug 2219448: Can Synchronize with players in Locked Rooms
  • Bug 2199683: NPE in GameState.addPiece()
  • Bug 2187303: IllegalArgumentException in SavedGameUpdaterDialog
  • Bug 2186983: EmptyStackException in ModuleManagerWindow.GameFolderInfo
  • Bug 2162266: NPE in HybridClient.setDelegate()
  • Bug 2129550: UnknownHostException in HttpRequestWrapper.doGet()
  • Bug: Canonicalize $0 in case is being invoked via a symbolic link

New features:

  • Importer heap settings in Preferences in the Module Manager
  • Invite, kick players from locked rooms

Other changes:

  • Updated Windows installer to download JRE 1.6.0_11.
  • RFE 2373999: Module Manager to have access to Global preferences

Please report all bugs in beta7, even if they are bugs which you’ve
already reported against other betas. We take your bug reports very
seriously—they’re the reason we’ve been able to fix so many bugs.

New Features in 3.1.0

  • Improved room management: Invite and kick players from locked rooms.

  • Improved installation: For Windows, a real Windows installer/uninstaller.
    For Macs, a single-file disk image. Download, click, and install.

  • File associations: Files with .vmod, .vsav, and .vlog extensions are
    now associated with VASSAL (on Windows and Macs). Double-click a module
    to load it in VASSAL!

  • New Module Manager frontend: The Module Manager displays all of your
    modules and save/log files, giving you a convenient way to organize
    them all.

  • Improved memory management: VASSAL now uses significantly less memory
    for various graphics-related tasks. Heap sizes may be set from within
    VASSAL via the Preferences.

  • Improved zooming: Zoom your maps to whatever size you want.

  • Aide de Camp 2 module importer: Convert any ADC2 module to a VASSAL
    module with one click.

  • Many, many other minor improvements, and scores of bug fixes.

Help us test

This is a beta release, and may still contain some rough edges. Should
you find any problems/oddities/bugs, please tell us so that we can fix
them before VASSAL 3.1.0 is released. Also, if you’ve had problems with
3.0.x or a previous 3.1.0 beta, please check and let us know if those
problems are resolved in 3.1.0-beta7.

Report bugs here in the Technical Support & Bugs category at the VASSAL

or by email to


Joel Uckelman, for the VASSAL Team


It looks like SourceForge updated their site and those links no longer work. The link for the Windows installer version is now: … indows.exe

I assume the others are similar.


Thus spake “asyncritus”:

The links work fine for me. The URL you cite is one of the SF mirrors.


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