Vassal 3.1.14 won't open

Hi, I can get Vassal to run if I install v 3.0.17 using the web start, but when I download 3.1.14 and install it I can’t get it to work. It installs, but I double-click the icon and nothing happens.

I am using a MacBook Pro running Windows 7 Bootcamp. My Java is up to date. 4G RAM, Intel P8700 2.53 GHz. 32 bit.

I did get it to open under Win 98 compatibility settings, but it crashes when I try to open a module file.

On Jun 24, 2010, at 7:10 PM, mcszarka wrote:

Why not just run the Mac version of Vassal?
That should work just fine.

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I could run the Mac version, although it would be a minor hassle (I use the Windows set-up for business out of necessity).

On Jun 25, 2010, at 11:57 AM, mcszarka wrote:

I see.

OK. Well, it should still work.
At least the Java on my bootcamp partition seems to work fine, but then again I have NT on it and not Vista or Seven.

In your original message, you said nothing happens.
Is there anything in the Vassal error log?
That should be in the Vassal directory in your home directory, called “errorLog”.

That may have some clue.

Do you know if you can run any other Java applications?

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The OP mentions that when they get 3.0.17 to run, it is with using the old
web start, which is no longer supported. Is it possible that there is some
lingering effect or cross reference to the web start when trying to launch

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Thus spake “Tim McCarron”:

No, there’s no way I know of that 3.0.17 could prevent 3.1.14 from running.

In order to troubleshoot this further, we need to see the errorLog from
the user’s VASSAL directory.


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Well I have it working now (in Windows). When I downloaded a module with a Vassal extension and double-clicked it, Vassal opened of its own accord. It seems to be working OK now. No idea what the problem was.